Wood Badge

100 Year Anniversary 


Adult Leadership Training

October 25-27 & November 9-11, 2019 Camp Josepho, CA
This is your personal invitation to effect change in your life as a Scout Leader

Baden Powell Wants You!

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What is Wood Badge?

In 1911, Baden-Powell took the first steps in training Scouting’s adult leaders by organizing a series of lectures for Scouters. He made great strides in the years that followed, culminating in 1919 with the establishment of Wood Badge training. Wood Badge recipients now number more than 100,000 and can be found in all corners of the world.

What will you get out of Wood Badge?

As a result of attending Wood Badge, you will be able to: View Scouting globally, as a family of interrelated, values- based programs that provide age-appropriate activities for youth.
Recognize the contemporary leadership concepts utilized in corporate America and leading government organizations that are relevant to our values-
based movement.
Apply the skills you learn from your participation as a member of a successful working team.
Revitalize your commitment to Scouting by sharing in an overall inspirational experience that helps provide Scouting with the leadership it needs to accomplish its mission on an ongoing basis.

How is Wood Badge Presented?

Wood Badge consists to two phases. The first is the practical phase. This consists of one week at Camp Josepho. The second, or application phase, occurs after the week- ends and consists of “working your ticket”, a set of 5 Scouting-related goals.

Wood Badge Ticket

The primary purpose of the Wood Badge experience is to strengthen Scouting in units, districts, and the council. The Wood Badge “ticket” represents your commitment to complete a set of 5 personal goals related to your Scouting position. These goals will significantly strengthen the program in which you are involved. In addition, the ticket gives you an opportunity to practice and demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership and team skills presented during the course. You should complete your Wood Badge ticket no later than 18 months after the practical phase of the course.

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Message from the Course Director

Thank you for your interest in Wood Badge. We are getting ready to celebrate 100 years of Wood Badge in 2019 and with that have come some changes. Our course is a first look into those changes and shaping them as well. The consistent principle through these first 100 years and will continue to be, has been to teach principles of leadership to scouters in all levels of Scouting: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing. 

Your involvement in this course is an active one, just like the changes you will encounter in yourself, your unit, your district and your council. You have the first opportunity to see the future of Wood Badge and actively be a part of shaping that. It’s our chance to be the difference. 

Our team is excited to be on this journey with you. The experience is like no other that you will remember for a lifetime and be able to take the lessons learned and apply them not only to Scouting, but everyday life. We are in the middle of a rich Wood Badge tradition of the past 100 years as we look forward to the next 100 years. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Our team look forward to meeting and serving you.

Yours in Scouting, 

Tanadet Itsarapakdetam

Wood Badge Course Director